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Project Description
CSharpCompiler is a free and open-source library to compile c# source code programmatically. With extra features like error and warning handling. This library is so easy to use that you can create an IDE in minutes.



CSharpCompiler compiler = new CSharpCompiler (); 
compiler.SourceCode = richTextBox1.Text;
compiler.Output = CSharpCompiler.OutputType.EXE; 
compiler.Path = "C:\\Users\\Danny\\Desktop"; 
compiler.NameOfAssembly = "Hello World!"; 
if (compiler.SuccessfullCompilation == false ) 
if (compiler.CompilerErrors != null ) 
if (compiler.CompilerWarnings != null ) 



Key Features and Reasons Why

- Complies single and multiple source files.

- Stores compiler errors and warnings in an array of string. So it is easy to use.

- Totally light weight ( 4kb) and not dependent on any third-party libraries or API. Only pure .Net framework!



Source Code:


Can be downloaded in the Source Code tab. Ready to use and pre-compiled binary can be downloaded in the Downloads tab. Enjoy!!!






If you are using this in your project, please let me know so I can put your project name on this very page. Hope you enjoy this.

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